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Marine-quality custom built Stainless fittings for all size craft up to the largest sailing and power craft

Marine Services

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Custom designed and built mild and stainless fittings for many commercial aspects

Commercial Services


Taking ideas through design phases, fabrication all the way through to installation.

Structural Services


Essex Based Steel and Stainless Fabrication

We can provide all of the

Why choose Us.

A family run business, establishment back in 1920. In the early 1920's 18-foot-class boats were built by us, 1945 and later years we started fitting out yachts and building new classes of boats. Today we continue that tradition along with many other services.

Our Mission.

To provide the services you require so your mild steel or stainless needs can meet your goal via our experienced, well trained professional team.

What we Do.

We are able to undertake all work required when it comes to your need. From design and fabrication through to galvanising, plating and installation.

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